Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The Ebon Staff - D. P. Prior


Nameless did not expect his reunion with his dwarven kin to go well, and, unsurprisingly, it didn't. After escaping execution at the hands of the sappers with the unlikely help of Nils and Silas, he is forced to flee the dwarven encampment for his life. He has given up on his quest and plans to leave the dangerous dreamland he's led his companions into before more harm can come to them, but Silas has other plans. The sorcerer has become obsessed with Bightey's journal and all of his will is focused on attaining the infamous Ebon Staff. If his companions won't help him unlock the dark powers of the occult willingly, then he will have no choice but to bend their will and force their hands . . .

The Good
The Ebon Staff is as fast-paced as D. P. Prior's other books in the Chronicles of the Nameless Dwarf and it did not disappoint me. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about his characters, which he has continued to develop and deepen, and found it a satisfying penultimate instalment to the series. What's more, the relevance of the Ebon Staff is beginning to become clear and I was pleasantly surprised when I realised that it's probably more important to the overall storyline of the series than Nameless finding his kin, which was established from the go in the first book.

The Bad
Once again, though, I couldn't help but notice a few spelling and grammatical errors in the book. Luckily they weren't too bad and (frustratingly), could have probably been corrected with a little bit more time spent with the editor. Aside from this, there was just my favourite gripe about the series that I should probably mention, which is, of course, the overuse of the word: 'shog.'

Final Thoughts
Overall, however, The Ebon Staff is a great novella of fantasy and action. It's quick to read, easy to relate to the characters and Prior has clearly let his imagination run wild while writing it.

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