Saturday, 12 January 2013

'The Daylight War' release date and upcoming 'Demon Cycle' titles

Although there has been much speculation regarding the release date of The Daylight War, the third book in Peter V. Brett's stunning Demon Cycle series, it now appears to be set and the novel is due to be released on the 11th February 2013 in the UK (published by Harper Voyager) and on the 12th February 2013 in the USA (published by Del Ray).

Furthermore, Brett has made it clear that The Daylight War will not be the last instalment of the Demon Cycle and the widely held belief that the series is a trilogy stems from false information that was disseminated when The Painted (Warded) Man was first released in 2008. In fact, the series is going to consist of five books - with the remaining titles currently being listed as The Forest Fortress and The Core (although Brett has said that since these novels are works in progress, their titles could well be changed).

In addition to releasing these novels, Brett has also been commissioned to write a sixth book in the series. He says that this book is not a 'core' instalment of the Demon Cycle, but rather reads as a standalone spin-off that features some shared characters with the earlier five books. Brett also says that he has already planned this book and expects that fans of the series will enjoy it!

Brett also intends to continue writing a short story inbetween each novel (like he did with The Great Bazaar and Brayan's Gold), which are intended to add a greater sense of understanding to the overall story. The Great Bazaar and Brayan's Gold certainly did this and Brett says that Mudboy, which is set between books three and four and introduces a new character, is mostly written so may also hit the shelves soon!

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