Monday, 14 January 2013

The Phoenix Rising - Richard L. Sanders


As Renora, a previously peaceful and industrious human colony, collapses and tears itself apart in the chaotic violence of civil war, Calvin Cross becomes ever more convinced that the elusive Phoenix Ring is responsible for instigating the conflict and seems to be one of the only people in the galaxy to notice the politicians, warships and transport ships that are vanishing throughout the Empire!

His investigations into this matter are hindered however, because Calvin and his crew are now fugitives themselves and have had no choice but to alienate themselves from the Empire and join Raiden's mysterious organisation in their search for answers. And so, believing Calvin to be a traitor, Captain Lafayette Nimoux, Intel Wing's most successful agent, is dispatched to bring Calvin and his crew to justice - chasing them across the Empire as they seek to save it from certain destruction and preserve human dominance in the galaxy.

My Thoughts
Although I enjoyed reading The Phoenix Rising, which was packed full of action and unpredictable plot lines, I was slightly disappointed with it as a whole and didn't feel that it was quite as good as its predecessor, The Phoenix Conspiracy. This is mainly because the book reads like it had been rushed in some places and, as a consequence, I feel that Richard L. Sanders has not developed its events and characters to their full potential.

Still, The Phoenix Rising is a worthy instalment to The Phoenix Conspiracy series and has a fast-paced plot right from the off that leaves you hungry for more once you've read the last page! Thus, I recommend reading The Phoenix Rising for fans of the first book and investing in the series if you enjoy sci-fi or just want to give it a go!

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