Saturday, 29 December 2012

About this blog

Hi all!

As I make this blog and type this post, I'm well aware that there are probably thousands of similar sites already out there, littering the internet with each author's views and opinions on what was good or bad with their latest read and why therefore, you should lovingly delve into its pages or give it a miss. And let's face it, does the internet really need another one?

Well, if I'm honest, no... but, as the Google Chrome advert so wisely says: "the internet is what we make of it". A nice little quote that brings me here - writing fantasy bookshelf review's introductory post. So what does this blog offer you that's different from all of the others out there?

Well, nothing actually. All is does is provide you with news on recently published books and, you guessed it, my own opinions on the many novels and stories I've read. All I can promise is that these opinions will be honest and all of the books reviewed on this site will get the praise they deserve - I am writing these reviews for you after all!

Obviously, there are many different genres of books out there and, as the blog's title suggests, the reviews posted here will predominantly deal with works of fantasy (and primarily high fantasy at that), since this is my main area of interest. But saying that, I'm also a huge lover of science fiction and such books will often be featured here as well, along with whatever else happens to catch my fancy really.

And so the basis of this blog is covered, meaning that this post is nearly over. But before I finish up, I just want to tell you a little about myself. Well, I'm a biologist graduating from the University of Manchester; an avid lover of the natural world; and, rather importantly, am a huge fan of books (which is fairly obvious really). Also, it's important to me that I tell about my passion for penning the written word as well as for reading it and, due to this, I have another blog I post on called this world we live in, which I hope you will check out after reading this!

David Taylor

P.S. Feel free to contact me via or Twitter.

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