Monday, 31 December 2012

Blue Truth - Michael Curtis Hilde


When I first began reading Blue Truth, I wasn't sure whether or not I was going to enjoy the novel; mainly, due to the strangely disjointed and quirky style with which Michael Curtis Hilde writes.

Hilde's strange narration soon grew on me however, and I quickly found myself completely immersed in the colourful and highly developed world that he has created; blitzing through Hilde's story in which mankind is suffering now that it has begun to separate itself from nature and is beginning its domination of the surrounding wilderness under the direction of their cruel king, Nion.

Fairly obviously, Hilde villainies this expansionist behaviour and deals with its associated issues well, using the story around the first of his two main characters to highlight them: a ranger from an ancient and immortal branch of humans called Imogen Rhone, who has vowed to protect nature. Consequently, she seeks to protect the magical and sentient animals of the world from King Nion's industry and ultimately, seeks to save mankind from itself by drawing them back into nature before it's too late and we severe our ties with it for good.

As Rhone's adventures play out, Hilde concurrently tells the story of his other main character: a young boy called Corwin Sam, as he struggles to come to terms with his great celestial power and the huge scope of his destiny - learning that the fate of the word is in his hands!

Final Thoughts
Blue Truth is imaginative and, despite being aimed for adults, reads with the light-hearted and jovial air of a fairytale that I found particularly refreshing after reading a great many 'heavier' fantasies fairly recently. Thus, I would recommend reading Blue Truth to anyone who is searching for a fun, yet light-hearted and gripping fantasy adventure!

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